Falling In Love Again


You sat at on the edge of your bed thinking about what you were going to wear for your little outing with Jacob. He had been taking you out every day this week now. You had broken up with your boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. You wanted to stay in the house and cry but Jacob refused to let you…



Your P.O.V

I opened my locker and I saw a small white envelope fall to the ground. I picked it up and opened it and saw a little note. I smiled because I knew exactly who it was from. My secret admirer who’s identity hasn’t been revealed. I pulled out the little note and it read

I have been…



You and Jacob are messing around on the beach when all of a sudden he picks you up and throws you over his shoulder, running off with you

You: *punching his back* Put me down nigga

Jacob: Not yet

When nobody and I mean nobody was in sight Jacob put you down and looked you in your eyes. He…

Mini Story (Requested)


“Jay, come and pick up your toys this instance.” I stressed. His toys were dispersed throughout our little one bedroom apartment.

James stumbled into our bedroom and gathered his toys around the room obediently.

“Jay, I’m going to drop you around Nana’s house for a little bit tonight.” I announced.

He gibbered on something fierce before crawling up into the bed where I lied. My soft touch against his back relaxed him. A few minutes later I heard hushed snores releasing from James. A warm smile plastered upon my face.


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